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Heat pumps are an energy efficient alternative to gas-fired furnaces and electric air conditioners for all weather conditions. Heat pumps save you money, are good for the environment, and require less maintenance making them an ideal option for just about any situation.

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Very pleasant and professional staff with the charges being as quoted, and they were reasonable for the work performed. I will utilize this service company going forward! 

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Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Emergency Repair

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Marx Mechanical offers emergency heat pump repair services in Uxbridge and surrounding areas for situations like these. Our team can service our customers facing emergency furnace issues right away.

If you’ve already ‘turned it off-and-on again‘ and are still facing heat pump issues – Don’t hesitate, call, text or message us now!

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Heat Pump Types

Heat pump technology has advanced significantly allowing units to provide efficient heating down to -30 degrees C° and sometimes beyond.


Heat/Cool your rooms without the need to add ductwork.


This is ideal for situations where ductwork cannot be added to the home.

Whole Home

Efficient heating system connected directly to your central ductwork.

Whole Home

Connects an indoor air handler to an outdoor unit.

VRF Heat Pump

One or more indoor units connected to a single outdoor condensing unit.

VRF Heat Pump

VRF stands for Variable Refridgerant Flow.

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