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Performing a Combustion Analysis During Heating Maintenance

Comfort goes hand in hand with safety. Performing a Combustion Analysis During Heating Maintenance is essential and by making sure everything is working properly guarantees the health of your heating system and the safety of your home or building and further ensures  that your heating system remains in tip-top shape!

What is a Combustion Analysis?

Gas fuelled heating systems like a home furnace rely on combustion to deliver heat. Combustion efficiency is the measure of how well the fuel is being utilized in the combustion process. The safe and efficient operation of gas equipment requires the correct mixture of fuel and air to work properly. An efficient heating system delivers heat while being primed to consistently and safely do so. This is where the importance of combustion analysis plays a role.

Combustion analysis gives you a reading of the heat exchanger in your furnace, boiler room, or heating system to help you identify if it is working properly. Trained technicians are able to read combustion analysis results using a combustion analyzer––the tool used to identify whether proper combustion is taking place and that the levels of combustion fall within the safe limits.

Professional service technicians use a combustion analyzer by carefully inserting it into the flue pipe of your heating system. The digital reading on the device will then indicate the products of combustion & ensure they are within the approved limits. For a long time, traditional combustion testing equipment such as “wet kits”, draft gauges, smoke pumps, CO2 gas testers, slide rules, and thermometers were used. Today, digital equipment offers a more efficient and accurate reading, thereby eliminating potential human errors caused by using dated combustion analysis methods. Failure to properly test heating systems can lead to fatal consequences.

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The Importance of Performing a Combustion Analysis During Heating Maintenance

Whether you have a propane, natural gas or oil heating system, combustion analysis should be performed annually; or any time any type of change is made which may affect the performance of your heating system. Small tweaks or component replacements can result in improper combustion efficiency and should therefore have a proper combustion test.

The only test which can guarantee peak performance and safety is a combustion analysis performed by professional technicians. A thorough inspection means using the right tools to come up with a quantifiable result. This allows us to service your heating system and make any necessary adjustments.

Avoiding the risks of unidentified system problems is easy when you opt for a service that takes thorough care of your heating system’s needs. Plugged or cracked heat exchangers may lead to incomplete combustion causing poor, inefficient operation and even the potential for a carbon monoxide leak. If the system is not operating within the manufacturers’ specifications, it is running less efficiently and there is likely some other problem causing excessive wear and tear on the system. Performing a combustion analysis allows the technician to properly diagnose issues and keep your heating system running strong.

You can improve the longevity of your heating system and allow us to take care of it for you. We provide a balance of reliability, efficiency, and cost while offering top-notch HVAC services. This our “Marx Promise”.

Why should you perform preventative maintenance and join the Marx comfort club?

Over time as your heating and cooling equipment ages, parts can wear out or work less efficiently than they once did. Sometimes this wear and tear can put additional strain on the equipment causing them to fail sooner than the expected useful life. A skilled technician can perform preventative maintenance to ensure that your equipment is operating within manufacturers’ specifications confirming its efficiency, longevity and safe operation.

During the visit technicians visually check system components for wear and tear as well as perform tests using specialized equipment. Tools like a manometer, electrical multimeter, temperature probe, compound refrigerant gauges, and combustion analyzer are used to evaluate the operation of your heating and cooling system.

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