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Fantasy of Lights festival

Happy new year! Despite the current world climate and otherwise challenging times for everyone, there are numerous reasons to smile, and the Uxbridge Fantasy of Lights was a great way to lift your spirits during the holiday season. Last year, we had our own installation in the Fantasy of Lights festival! On top of that, this year still has many exciting things coming for the Marx Mechanical team. We are relocating to a new office on Main Street in town and will be open in the coming months. We are excited about the new location which is situated right in the heart of town. As we move through the cold weather season, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have with your heating system in your home.

Fantasy of Lights

The yearly Fantasy of Lights festival is an event put on by the residents of Uxbridge and is one of the biggest Christmas lights exhibits in Ontario. We gleefully took part in 2020’s celebration. Last year marked the 13th year of Uxbridge spreading the holiday cheer through stunning light displays. The installations were prepared by around 75 participants from the community. Families, schools, businesses, churches, and other participants from the Uxbridge community came together to light up your holiday nights.

This year, we look forward to serving our community even more. We thank you for visiting our light display, and we’re grateful for the past year. Allow us to give you our best in 2021 and the years to come. Cheers to a stronger, better new year!

Elgin Park – A Brief History

When the Fall Fair in September is over, locals and visitors can look forward to the annual Fantasy of Lights festival which also takes place in Elgin Park yearly in December. Named after Lord Elgin—a British colonial administrator—Elgin Park is famous for being the place where a historic picnic was held back in the 19th century. While seeking reelection,  Prime Minister John A. Macdonald held his huge picnics near Elgin Pond.

Why We Love Uxbridge

Uxbridge is a homely town with a great community feel. The people are friendly and if you are from out of town, you will find that folks will just start up a conversation with you in line at the grocery store or while out for a walk on the trails. Uxbridge is a town of great heritage full of beautiful homes, and people take pride in the management and upkeep of their properties. As a part of this community, Marx Mechanical is always happy to chat to answer questions and concerns about your home heat and air systems—whether it’s stopping by at our office, if you see one of our trucks on at the local shop or gas station, or when you see us working at a neighbour’s house.

 A Little History of Our Town

The quaint town of Uxbridge is situated on the northern valley slope of Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario. It has a charming close-knit community vibe. You can stroll through the entire town leisurely and feel close to nature. The heritage feel of our little town stems from Quaker influences, as they were the first settlers here. Today, the Uxbridge Friends Meeting House overlooking the town from its spot in Quaker Hill is the oldest building in the area. It was erected in 1820, fifty years before Uxbridge became the headquarters of the Toronto and Nipissing Railroad. The history and development of Uxbridge is indeed quite fascinating! To this day, the beautiful buildings are still in the town for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. A more unique, Indian architecture-inspired building is also in the area; the Thomas Foster Memorial Temple which was inspired by Foster’s visit to India.

More recently, Uxbridge has received federal designation from Industry Canada and is now known as the “Trail Capital of Canada”. The town has more than 220 managed trails where people can walk, hike, jog, bike, or have picnics. When in Uxbridge, you can choose from a walking tour of our historic town, or maybe opt for the public art tour and enjoy over 20 indoor and outdoor installations. Be sure to take your sketchbook with you as our picturesque town inspires you to be in touch with your artsy side. The community’s creative atmosphere and calm vibe will definitely warm your heart, even on cold winter nights. Perhaps this same vibe was what inspired the creation of Anne of Green Gables written by Lucy Montgomery who was an Uxbridge resident too! So much art and history which to this day, we get to feel and enjoy.

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