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5 Tips to maintain your HVAC system in the fall + Bonus Tip!

With the arrival of fall the weather is starting to get cooler which makes it a critical time regarding your HVAC system’s maintenance and operation.  Here in Ontario we experience such a wide range of temperatures throughout the year so it’s likely that your heating and cooling system has been working hard to keep your home cool during the previous hot summer months and will need to work just as hard to keep your home warm throughout the upcoming winter months.  As a result, fall is an important time to have your furnace, heat pump and overall HVAC system maintained to keep it running optimally.

Below we’ll discuss the best tips to ensure your system is maintained properly going into fall as well as how to prepare it so it’s especially ready for the cold winter months.

Change Your Air Filters

We’ve mentioned this before including here:, but it’s worth repeating.  Regularly changing your air filters is one of the most important and easiest things you can do to ensure your HVAC system operates properly.  The benefits of doing so include improved air quality; better energy efficiency and the prolonged life of your heating and cooling system.

During the summer air filters can quickly become dirty as the air conditioning unit runs continuously.  By replacing the existing air filters it helps ensure your furnace will function properly when it’s time to heat your home again.


Clean Air Vents

Your HVAC ducts build up dust and other debris over time so it’s important to keep them clean.  Supply ducks blow warm or cold air into your home whereas return air vents remove the air from rooms and return it to the AC or furnace system.

You can opt to clean the ducts yourself using the proper extensions on your vacuum but be sure to wear a dust mask when doing so.  However, if you suspect there is mold or mildew it is important to get a professional HVAC service that will use the proper cleaners to conduct a much more thorough and safe cleaning.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

With increased activity happening outside during the summer months and then leaves and other debris falling during autumn it’s important to ensure that your outdoor HVAC equipment is clean and free of obstructions.  This is especially true as air conditioning and heat pump units are often located near bushes and trees.  Oftentimes if an A/C or heat pump unit is not keep temperature  it could simply be that the coils are obstructed or too dirty.

Consider Replacing Your Old Unit

If your HVAC unit is 10 to 15 years old or you find it requires repair often it might be a good time to consider replacing it.  Fall is a great time to make these changes since the temperature outside is moderate and therefore your home will not be too hot or cold if the system needs to be offline for a few hours.  Generally speaking, if the maintenance or repairs of an existing system are going to cost you close to 25-50% or more than the cost of a replacement or you find your energy bills are higher than usual as a result of your system not operating as it should then it might be worth considering a replacement.  If you’re unsure whether your system needs replacing or not you can call a trusted HVAC company and have them provide a professional assessment.

Schedule Furnace and AC Preventative Maintenance with a Professional

Despite how well you maintain your system it’s still important to have a certified professional check and maintain your system once or twice a year depending on the type and number of equipment you have.  A preventative maintenance plan with a reputable HVAC company can help ensure your system runs properly throughout the year.  They’re also able to detect issues early on that an average homeowner may not be able to, resulting in the potential for a better running system, lower energy bills and prolonged system life span.

Bonus Tip!!!

Once the weather becomes a bit cooler and people no longer need to replace or repair their air conditioning units and before it gets a lot colder and people start turning on their heating is when it might be a great time to consider replacing your system or incorporating a heat pump unit.  It’s during this time that many HVAC companies provide attractive discounts.  They can also provide faster than usual install times during this time.  So, if you’re looking to replace or repair your heating and cooling system be sure to contact a reputable contractor in your area to discuss what attractive discounts, rebates and incentives they offer.


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