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5 Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

Does your furnace need a little T.L.C., Uxbridge?

Your furnace is essential to keeping a comfortable temperature inside your home, and the safety of your home may very well depend on a properly functioning furnace. While there are some ways to troubleshoot your heating system, there are just some situations where booking a routine furnace maintenance service would be unavoidable.

Sure, the troubleshooting can make some problems go away––for a bit. But when they (and they will) persist, this can pose more serious problems. Not just on your bills, but the overall performance of your furnace, and ultimately, the safety of your home.

Keep an eye out for these signs that mean your furnace needs repair services:

Heating Discrepancies

One of the more straightforward telltale signs, ANY heating inconsistency is definitely a red flag. A furnace that is not heating up, not producing enough heat, or produces too much heat needs to be looked at. You may notice a difference in your utility bills too.

New furnaces function well consistently, but over several seasons, some heating discrepancies may start popping up. This can be caused by a number of things which can all be checked out by professional furnace maintenance companies.

The heating discrepancies might feel like a minor inconvenience, but don’t let this stop you from having some furnace maintenance done. While a furnace can have a lifespan of over 10 years, it can reach even more than that when properly maintained, and taking heating discrepancies as a sign for repair can help you make it last longer.

Odd Noises

As soon as you hear a noise that is out of the ordinary, it means there’s trouble rumbling inside your furnace. This can happen at regular intervals or at random, and to guarantee your system’s safety, it is best to have a technician determine the problem and solution to make those strange noises go away for good.

Abnormal Furnace Smells

A healthy furnace system does not have out-of-the-ordinary smells. The most common causes of smells emanating from your furnace are dirty filters, burning electronics, and gas leaks. Dirty filters can be a DIY job, but if you smell gas, make sure to leave the premises and call the utility provider who will advise how to safely deal with the issue. After consulting with the utility, call your local HVAC service provider for a repair.

Another common smell is a burning odour emanating from failing electronic components. A trained technician can identify and repair the problem before it causes permanent damage to your HVAC system or leaves you without heat during cold weather.

Error Indicators

While you can replace filters, if you notice error indicators on your gas-fired appliance, it is time to call an HVAC professional. Modern smart thermostats can notify users that the system is not operating correctly. Additionally, some furnaces are equipped with error code indicators which help identify the root of the problem. Although the indicator may point to a probable cause, it is necessary to call a trained professional to determine the main source of the problem. Technicians have specialized equipment and procedures to determine the main cause of concern or failure.  As soon as you see an error code or indicator on your furnace, it is time to call a furnace contractor for your professional HVAC repair needs.

Water Around the Furnace

Apart from leaking gas, a high-efficient condensing appliance can also leak out water. While this is less dangerous than a gas leak, this is still something that warrants a repair. It is indicative of a clogged condensate drain pipe or a corrode/ leaking component of the secondary heat exchanger. Regularly check the floor of the furnace or utility room for signs of leakage, when you do spot some water, get in touch with your trusted team for efficient and reliable repairs.

You can ensure your furnace has a much longer useful life if you take note of these little signs and call for furnace repair services when you see them. Save yourself the trouble and have a properly functioning furnace you can enjoy for years!

*Special note on carbon monoxide detectors and alarms*

All homes in today’s day and age should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors. An alarming carbon monoxide detector can be an indication that a gas-fired appliance is malfunctioning and potentially leaking CO into your living area.

This is a major concern and requires immediate action. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, you need to contact emergency services who will identify the source of carbon monoxide. If a gas-fired appliance is the source of CO, you can then contact your local HVAC contractor to complete a repair.

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